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The Pros and Cons of a Gunite Pool

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So you have decided to get a pool, great! Before you begin picking out inflatable beds or pool volley ball sets you may want to consider the pros and cons of the different pool liner options; fiberglass, vinyl and Gunite. In this blog we will address the pros and cons of a Gunite pool.

We will start at the beginning.

What is Gunite?
Gunite is a specialty concrete product that is applied by air pressure to a steel frame to create a pool lining.

What are the Pros of a Gunite pool?
One of the greatest pros of Gunite is the ability to customize the size and shape of pool to nearly anything you can imagine. Gunite is not restricted to circles, rectangles or even kidney shaped pools. Because the material is sprayed on to a wireframe, the pool can follow any unique shape. Gunite pools become a landscape feature, a work of art.

Did I mention the wireframe? The steel framework that is placed in before the Gunite and after the hole is dug sets the shape so that it retains its form for a long time.

Gunite pools also offer you a broad variety of finishes such as tile, rocks, color plaster, etc. Unlike vinyl where the tile is a photo on the lining, Gunite works as like a concrete that you can set tile into and it will dry into place. You can even have mosaics at the bottom of your family crest! Now there’s an idea.

Because of the flexibility of Gunite, you can be creative with add-ons such as built-in bar stools, sun shelves, waterfalls, vanishing edges, underwater benches, etc.

Another excellent pro of Gunite pools is the value added to your home. Vinyl pools require more frequent upkeep because their liners need to be fully replaced every few years. Homebuyers are drawn to the longevity of Gunite pools and many experts agree that a quality concrete pool is a great selling point for homes.

What are the Cons of a Gunite pool?
No doubt that Gunite has some great pros but it is admittedly not for everyone. Understanding the cons and how those may play into your current situation will help you avoid any frustrations in the future.

While costs can be variable based on size, add-ons, finishes, etc, you can expect to pay more for a Gunite pool than you would for a Vinyl liner pool. Gunite pools are unique to the terrain and preferences of each specific pool owner and must be created on site which makes the cost higher than a standard liner.

Another stigma to be aware of is that Gunite pools take longer to construct. Not so! This con may have been the case ten years ago but once Alpha Pools and Spas breaks ground, you can expect to be swimming in your beautiful pool in roughly 3 weeks! Perhaps I should move this point to the pros section…

Depending on your budget and personal preferences the pros and cons will help you determine if a Gunite pool is the right choice for your lifestyle. If you’re creative, have challenging terrain or plan to own your pool for a long time, Gunite might be for you.

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